Fleet Services - New Vision Security

Your Fleet is Our Business

Newvision Security has an assortment of fleet services for police, fire, EMS and the private sector. Using the latest technology available the Fleet Services division of Newvision Security can remove and install any piece of equipment. Working with the emergency service community such as police, fire and EMS,Newvision Security can customize a vehicle equipment install to fit your needs and budget. Long-term service contracts are available for installations and maintenance of your fleet. Working in the private sector Newvision Security can provide its fleet services to any industry that has multiple vehicles. These industries include delivery companies, construction, trucking, energy and farm/ranch.

Police, Fire, EMS Outfitting

Law Enforcement/Fire/EMS

Newvision Security has a commitment to provide the highest level of service to the law enforcement, fire and EMS community. With the range of demands that your fleet has to endure, Newvision Security will provide fleet focused service that will keep your emergency vehicles running.

Starting with a consultation our technicians will learn what your equipment demands are for your fleet and develop a plan to install and maintain it. Equipment demands can vary for the law enforcement, fire and EMS organizations across North Dakota. With the right equipment, Newvision Security will keep your fleet operating within your budget. With our full line of services from decommissioning, design and installation, the team at Newvision Security is the best choice in North Dakota for your fleet.

The experts at Newvision Security can install the following emergency vehicle equipment.

Private Sector

Across North Dakota, our state relies on transportation to conduct its business. Any private sector company that has a fleet to carry out its day to day operations needs equipment to increase efficiency. Newvision Security provides multiple equipment solutions that can save on maintenance costs, increase communication and provide increased safety for employees and vehicles.

The experts at Newvision Security can install the following private sector equipment.

  • Control Consoles
  • In-Car Video Systems
  • Prisoner Cages/Partitions
  • Cargo Storage
  • License Plate Readers
  • Radar Units
  • 2-Way Radios
  • Sirens/PA Systems
  • Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
  • Computer Mounts and Docking Stations
  • Mobile Data Terminals
  • Emergency Lighting (Light bars, Strobes, and Spotlights)
  • Weapon Racks
  • Ballistic Door Panels
  • Push Bumpers
  • Graphics and Signage
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