Bank & Credit Union Security & Fire Systems - New Vision Security

Tough Security for Financial Businesses

Banks and credit unions will always be potential targets for actual robberies or inside jobs. Bank robbers gain access and the inside people will work within an internal system which may not be secure enough – both groups making withdrawals. Security Systems and integration protocols around the country AND in North Dakota need to be assessed with frequency and consistency.

Newvision Security, LLC, making the difference, is in the protection and detection business, offering customers peace of mind because we realize it’s uniquely challenging to recover lost deposits and other funds. An updated security system goes a long way.

What Does Updated Security Look Like?

Our technicians install CCTV cameras and systems. These are high-resolution cameras with high-definition monitoring stations. We also install night vision cameras to easily capture and identify threatening individuals. They won’t stand a chance against your branch, day or night.

In addition to cameras, we also install strategically placed panic buttons to instantly notify law enforcement, keycard access systems for high-level employees and bank managers, and a fully-integrated, easy-to-use monitoring system.

This is security upgraded. This is Newvision Security.

More than “Peace of Mind”

Newvision Security Systems is more than just security; it’s a perfect customer service gauge and possible theft deterrent. With our 1080p resolution (1920 x 1080, or 2.1 megapixels) High Definition cameras and uniquely-designed system setup, branch managers can see when customers aren’t being helped, or when their employees are missing the mark. It’s also a great way to ensure all transactions are handled professionally and according to your policies and procedures.

More than Protection…

If someone should be foolish enough to attempt a robbery, it’s good to realize knowing that you’re protected, but our security system is also a comforting deterrent. Just seeing the updated system is enough to fend would-be criminals off.

A majority of bank robbers are the smartest dumb people on earth. Meaning, what they’re doing is incredibly dumb (in addition to being illegal), but they’re quite intelligent and savvy about it. The first thing they’ll analyze is the security system, which of course means if your system is outdated, it’s a potential target.

The mere sight of newer, and in the case of Newvision, fully-integrated security implementations and technology is enough to deter even the savviest of criminals.

Keep them away and look good doing it with Newvision.

On Your Side

Customer Service is the cornerstone of Newvision Security Systems. When we do a site evaluation, we show you exactly what works best for your branch: where cameras will need to go, how to operate our integrated systems, and how best to implement our electronic card access systems.

We also work with you to determine best-practice placement and implementation to not only ensure that your customer service maintains high standards, but that your business operations aren’t impacted by our evaluation and installation processes.

We both have the exact same goal in mind: Keep Your Bank or Credit Union Branch Safe.

Security in ALL Forms

Finally, Newvision does more than just install cameras, integrated systems, and electronic card access. Security threats come in more forms than a rogue or savvy criminal. Fires do terrible damage to businesses and especially banks. As the saying goes, “you can never be too prepared.” That’s why Newvision also installs fire monitoring systems which include smoke alarms, strobes, pull-down alarms, and sirens.

We can even integrate it into your existing sprinkler system and heater. Why the heater? It’s important that the heater automatically shuts off when the threat of a fire is detected. Our systems do this… and do it well.

With around the clock security and fire protection, your branch will be safer than ever before.

Give us a call, 701-222-8888; or fill out our contact form we look forward to hearing from you and doing a full site evaluation of your branch’s security.