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Feb 7, 2018

FROM A SMALL FARM, Cameron grew up with exposure to working on police cars and CCTV cameras. It wasn’t long before electronics became his passion. Upon his pursuit of higher education, he focused on electronics and telecommunications. Out of college, he secured a job at Basin Electric Power Cooperative as a communication/substation technician. And while he loved what he was doing each day, he knew he wanted more. 

He started NewVision out of a garage, working to get the company up and running. Nearly a year later, he had left his job, rented a shop, and NewVision became his full-time focus.

“My team and I have worked hard the past three years — we feel we have a lot to prove,” he says. “We are still very much at the beginning of creating something different and great in the industry.”

HIS STORY IS SIMILAR to many new business owners. He’s had his fair share of expected challenges. Cameron has had to learn along the way about business management, cash flow and more.

When you’re starting a new business and you need to invest in things like rolling stock, vehicles, employees and everything else, it can sometimes be hard to get ahead, he says.

Cameron’s story is not a common one, though. He represents someone not entrenched in the industry by relatives who have inherited the business. He is a young person entering this industry and excited about its growth potential, relevance and impact on today’s modern consumer.

As a young person in a thriving tech sector, he believes his age encourages a different perspective.

“Not only do younger generations understand technology,” he says, “it’s second nature. This helps in so many ways from selling, installing and product training.”

CAMERON TURNED TO ESA toward the end of 2017, ready to network, learn and interact with those “in the know.”

“I’m at a stage with my business where I can leave North Dakota from time to time and meet with other professionals,” he says. “It’s nice to get someone’s opinion who has already experienced what I’m currently experiencing.”

Cameron attended ESA’s Rising Leaders Forum in Myrtle Beach in October. During this unconventional industry event, attendees were taken through a strategically designed program of training, brainstorming and experiential activities to open minds, challenge, take leaders out of their comfort zone and foster growth.

“I came back home with a better understanding of leadership,” he says. “It was a fantastic experience.”

What Cameron has been able to achieve in a relatively short amount of time is an accomplishment worth recognizing.

“I do feel blessed with the achievements I have accomplished, but I try not to focus on that,” he says.

HE’S NOT AFRAID of long hours. He doesn’t shy away from lost sleep and he’s ready to welcome the next chapter of this industry. In five years, Cameron hopes to have a strong foothold in the North Dakota market, making head way into Minnesota, South Dakota, and Montana. 

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